GinkGo cargo bikes

GinkGo is a cargo bike that is functional and fun to ride. It has enough cargo capacity for everyday transports, picking up the kids at preschool and heading out for a weekend adventure. GinkGo has been designed to handle like an ordinary bike and engineered for lightness and stability.

Very light weight!

To our knowledge, GinkGo is the lightest bicycle in its category, weighing in at 15 kg for the complete bike. Still, as a result of extensive FEM-simulations, lightness does not come at the price of sacrificing stiffness or durability.

Rolls easily thanks to two full size wheels.

Almost all road bikes and mountainbikes use full size wheels with 622 mm rims. These are known by many names 28″, 700c or 29″. This wheelsize offers a lower rolling resistance, a larger contact surface with the road and a better riding comfort than the smaller wheels found on other cargo bikes. For additional stiffness, our wheels are mounted using thru axles.

Handles like a bike

The GinkGo was designed to share dynamics with an ordinary bike. It handles well and is fun to ride on city streets as well as on country side roads and on gravel.

Transports one to three kids and all the stuff you need.

Two kids are able to travel safely in the front if the double child seat is used. It is also possible to fit the bike with an ordinary rack-type child seat.

Compact design – easy to maneuver

The relatively short wheel base (less than 170 cm) makes the bike behave like a conventional bike and it is very easy to maneuver even in small spaces.

Low load center gives good stability

The load platform is placed just 22 cm above ground. This gives a stable ride even with heavy loads.

Any color you like

You can safely leave the design of the best cargo bike to us, but we believe that nobody knows better than you which is the best color. The GinkGo comes powder coated in the color of your choice.

The flatbed is a flexible solution for your everyday transports.
With the child seat GinkGo offers a safer way of travelling with your kid on a bike. The safety is better due to the low position of the seat and protection by the frame tubes. The child’s position on the bike also provides better contact with the parent.
The cargo webbing offers a strong yet very light weight option that can handle heavy loads.
The infant seat attachment offers a safe way of travelling with kids that are too small to use a bike helmet. The standard car infant seat is used like a safety cage for the smallest ones and makes it possible to bring them with you on the bike trip.
The double child seat offers the same safe way of travelling with two kids as the single child seat does for one.
The sun and rain cover gives great weather protection when used together with the single or double child seat.